The Essentials of Trading Stocks Online

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Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear of people who have made success overnight by trading in the stock exchange. As you hear of those who became billionaires by trading one hot stock, you also hear of those who got wiped out by the stock market, going from millionaire to broke people.

In the past, stocks were traded in an archaic form of way. It was done by using papers and stock certificates. Also, before you buy a stock, you have to do so through your broker who would go to the floor of the exchange to do it for you.

However, due to the computer age, things have drastically changed. Today, you don’t need to call your broker to have some stocks traded. You can do it yourself with your computer anywhere you are connected to the internet. Stocks can be traded from the home, at work, while eating, in the toilet, in the bus or anywhere else. All this is achievable due to the presence of online trading.

This article would educate you on the essentials you need to know about trading stocks online. It would be done through the following format:

  1. What Is the Stock Market?
  2. How is online trading done?

What Is the Stock Market?

sm1The stock market is also known as the capital market. It is a market where shares are bought and sold. Companies use the stock market as an avenue to raise capital. This is done through what is called an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In an initial public offering a company would sell parts of itself to shareholders for an initial price. Those that buy the shares become the owners of the company as they have a “share” of the company.

Profit is made from the stock exchange either through capital appreciation or dividends. Capital appreciation is a situation in which the price of a stock becomes higher than the price for which it was bought. The shareholder can then decide to sell the share and keep the difference as profit.

Some other people make their profits through dividends. A dividend is awarded by a company from the profit it makes to the company shareholders.

How Is Online Trading Done

Stocks are traded through the instrumentality of a stock broker. A stock broker is the one who takes orders from clients about the stocks to be bought and sold. Before a broker can trade your stocks you need to have a brokerage account with him.

With online trading, instead of a physical broker, the broker is electronic. In this situation, investors, through a computer can trade stocks directly on the floor of the stock exchange. To do this, the investor would have to open a brokerage account with an online broker. There are many online brokers like E*Trade, Ameritrade and Charles Schwab. But one of the most popular brokers now is Boss Capital.

When opening the account, you choose the type of account you want to open. It could be an individual account, a joint account, a custodian account (for your children) or a retirement account.

After setting up the account and filling in other information, you would then have to fund your account. Your account can be funded with either cash or margin. Funding with cash means you have to directly transfer cash to your brokerage account. Funding by margin is when the broker borrows you some funds for investing and uses the stocks you have in your account as the collateral.

After funding your account, you can then go on to start trading stocks. When trading stocks you have to ensure that you have an investment strategy. There are two popular investment strategies, fundamental investing and technical analysis. Fundamental investing is one in which the investor trades according to the financial strength of the company. Technical analysis doesn’t concern itself with a company’s strengths. It uses demand and supply to determine whether a stock would rise and fall on a daily basis.


In Conclusion, I hope the above has given you an insight into what online trading is all about. I hope you have a splendid investment time.

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The Life Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt Comments Off

The Life Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt

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The Early Years

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sara Delano Roosevelt and James Roosevelt’s son, was born on the 30th day of January, 1882. Roosevelt’s formative education was provided by his private tutors and parents. He completed his preparatory education in Groton and later on joined Harvard for a three year degree course. He also attended Columbia University and afterwards studied law for three years in a law firm based in New York. In 1910, Franklin made his way to active politics and was elected for a senate position.

Before embracing political life, Roosevelt had married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in 1905. She was his distant cousin and they had six children. Fortunately, five of those children had survived infancy.

r2In 1912, Roosevelt was elected for the second time for the same position and was a vibrant supporter of the candidacy of Woodrow Wilson. A year later, his support made him to be rewarded with the position of the Navy Assistant Secretary and maintained the position for seven years. In 1920, Democratic Party nominated Roosevelt as their vice-president due to his success and popularity in regards to naval affairs. However, after Wilson lost his presidential seat to Warren, Roosevelt lived a private life.

In 1921, Roosevelt went back to politics and seven years later he was elected as New York’s governor. After occupying the gubernatorial position for two years, Roosevelt took his political life to a new level by contesting for the presidential spot. In 1932, Roosevelt was nominated as the presidential flag bearer for Democratic Party. Due to his personal charm, energetic campaigns and activist approach, Roosevelt won the presidential seat.

The Great Depression

The great depression was a time Roosevelt presidency was faced with a lot of challenges including: increased unemployment, farm foreclosures, factory closings and increased bank failures. Among his improvement initiative, Roosevelt closed down banks but the closure was temporary. He passed legislation measures to improve farm prices and increase employment opportunities. Certain agencies were established and improved the banking conditions by subsidizing mortgages, the stock market was regulated and the bank deposits were insured.

These legislation policies significantly stabilized the economy; however, he received a lot of criticism due to the over-expenditure associated with the implementation of these measures. Roosevelt legislation policies made him win the 1936 election against Alfred M. Landon. He later won the 1940 and 1944 presidential elections and he became the first president in America to be re-elected for over two terms.

World War II

In 1939, the World War II broke out while Roosevelt was still in office. At first, the United States maintained a neutral ground and didn’t engage in war. At this time, Roosevelt’s focus was on foreign affairs. However, Hitler provoked America when he attacked Poland. Roosevelt rendered American support to China, France and Britain and made amendments to America’s Neutrality Acts. The Acts prohibited such assistance.

r3America was irrevocably forced to war following Italy’s and Germany’s war declarations against the US. Being the commander-in-chief, Roosevelt led the American Armed Forces to war and worked closely with several other military advisers. He created several alliances with different countries and the alliance was known as “Grand Alliance”, which worn the war.

In 1945, Roosevelt suffered stroke and met his death a few years later after failing to regain consciousness. This was associated with the wearing out due to the war, which resulted to heart-related problems. He was laid to rest in Rose Garden.


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Roosevelt Education Background

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In New York on January 30, 1882 – Franklin Roosevelt was born. He was the son of Sara Delano Roosevelt and James Roosevelt. Private tutors and his parents provided him with about all his influential education. He attended Groton, an important preparatory school in Massachusetts, and he received a BA degree in history from Harvard in only 3 years. After that, Roosevelt studied law at New York’s Columbia University. In 1907, when he passed the bar examination, he left school without taking a degree. And for the next 3 years he practiced law with a famous New York City law firm. In 1910, he entered politics and Roosevelt was elected to the New York State Senate as a Democrat from his conventionally Republican home district.

In 1905, he married his distant niece Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt. They had 6 children, 5 of them survived infancy.

In 1912 Roosevelt was reelected to the State Senate, and supported Wilson’s candidacy at the Democratic National Convention. Wilson chosen him Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913, as a reward for his support, a position he held until 1921. Roosevelt was an efficient and energetic administrator, specializing in the business side of nautical administration. With this experience he was prepared for his future role as Commander-in-Chief during Second World War. Roosevelt’s success and popularity in naval affairs resulted in 1920, in his being chosen for vice-president by the Democratic Party on a ticket headed by James Cox of Ohio. But, popular response against Wilson’s plan for United States participation in the League of Nations pushed Republican Warren Harding into the government, and Roosevelt returned to private life.

Study Group which is working in partnership with Roosevelt University, is making a new International Study Center in order to provide an International Year One leading to Year two of a bachelor’s degree, and also Pre-Master’s Program for graduate degrees which includes MBA.


Roosevelt University is situated in the heart of downtown Chicago where culture, academics, recreation and commerce converge. As an worldwide business and transportation center, Chicago provides a world of chance making it an perfect location for international students. Study Group’s exclusive global reach is going to help Roosevelt University to carry on with expanding its international student community. Also, the ISC is going to deliver paths that unite customized English language maintain with academic assignments for a flawless transition into degree accomplishment.

Ways to a broad range of courses

Worldwide Year 1 courses are made in order to help global students incorporate and adapt to United States campus and academic life, as strengthening students’ English skills and providing academic assignments with study skills in order to prepare students for accomplishment in their chosen degree. This group of Study Center arranges students for the strictness of graduate level assignments at Roosevelt University.

Undergraduate pathways

Mathematics, Business, Science Pathway and Pre-Law

Graduate progression routes:

  • MS Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MBA with fifteen concentrations
  • MPA with three concentrations

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The Purpose of Education – Roosevelt Comments Off

The Purpose of Education – Roosevelt

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What is the reason for education? This inquiry unsettles researchers, instructors, statesmen, each gathering, actually, of astute men and ladies. The routine answer is the securing of learning, the perusing of books, and the learning of certainties. Maybe in light of the fact that there are such a large number of books and the limbs of learning in which we can learn realities are so endless today, we start to hear all the more regularly that the capacity of education is to give youngsters a craving to learn and to show them how to utilize their brains and where to go to secure truths when their interest is moved.

Around then Theodore Roosevelt’s case was surprisingly arousing in numerous youthful men of America the inclination that their citizenship implied somewhat more than the benefit of living under the Stars and Stripes, scrutinizing the states of government and the men in charge of its approaches and exercises, appreciating such focal points as there may be under it, and, if vital, kicking the bucket for it in a war which they had no offer in acquiring on or attempting to turn away.Education_Chalkboard

Theodore Roosevelt was instructing by statute and case that men owed something at all times, whether in peace or in war, for the benefit of citizenship and that the weight laid just as on rich and poor. He was stating that, regardless of what conditions existed, the accuse lay no all the more intensely for the lawmaker and his machine controlling city, State, or country, than on the shoulders of the normal native who concerned himself so little with his legislature that he permitted men to stay in force disregarding his disappointment in light of the fact that he was so detached it was not possible strive to show signs of improvement men in office.

So youthful men of different sorts were becoming aware of an “administration” which did not mean being a mariner or a warrior, a specialist or a pastor, the main callings in which the expression “administration” had to this point had an importance! Accordingly, it started to be spread abroad the thought that “an administration” was owed to the nation in peace, and that this could just be rendered attractively when each national took an enthusiasm for good government.

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It might be simpler to create pioneers in a non-public school in light of the fact that more consideration is workable for individual understudies. Whether this is attained to or not, one thing must be carried out, specifically, there must be created men and ladies who should take an enthusiasm for, and have a comprehension of, each gathering of natives and each period of our national life, and this is more hard to fulfill in non-public schools in light of the fact that the kids are more protected.

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Roosevelt library Comments Off

Roosevelt library

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The Roosevelt Library is the 1st design center in San Antonio which offers retail and design services, wholesale shopping, educational programs, a venue for meetings, and social events for the design community.

The land occupied by the Roosevelt Library was at first part of the widespread irrigated fields of Mission Concepcion which was re- established along the San Antonio River in 1731 from its original location in East Texas (along with 2 other missions located more to the  south, San Juan Capistrano and Espada).  The Concepcion acequia (irrigation channel) is the oldest acequia in San Antonio, which carried water from the river to the fields.  It was the Spanish acequias that allowed the 5 missions to grow and to produce varied and bountiful crops.  In 2010, a part of the Concepcion acequia was placed eleven feet under the ground at the south end of the library property.  The adjoining section of the acequia lies underneath the entire eastern edge of the property.


Roosevelt Avenue was once the roadway to the San Antonio International Fair and Exposition which was held in October and November from 1893 to 1911. In 1898 Roosevelt Theodore and also his Rough Riders trained at the fairgrounds earlier than desertion for Cuba. South of Roosevelt Park, the fairgrounds later became part of what is now Riverside Park. Roosevelt became President in 1901, after President McKinley was killed, was re-elected in 1904, and held the office until 1909.  Both the park and the street were named in his honor.

The Rough Riders is the name given on the first United States Volunteer Cavalry, 1 of 3 such regiments raised in 1898 for the Spanish-American War and the only 1 of the 3 to see action. The United States Army was destabilized and left with small manpower after the American Civil War approximately 30 years earlier. So, President McKinley called upon 1,300 volunteers to help in the war efforts.

The Roosevelt Library is the 1st design center in San Antonio which offers both wholesale and retail shopping along with a venue for meetings, design services and educational programs, and social events for the design community.  This will be accomplished by bringing together a varied group of partners who support the idea that architecture, design and art are related and interdependent disciplines.


The partners of the Roosevelt Library represent a lot of the world’s most sought-after artisans and manufacturers. Offerings consist of hardware, kitchen and bath fixtures, antique tapestries and furniture, fabric and wallpaper, crystal, bedding, specialty lighting, custom cabinets, rugs and carpet, tile, and artwork.

The Roosevelt Library, built in 1929 and named after President Theodore Roosevelt, is located south of downtown San Antonio crosswise from Roosevelt Park at the beginning of Recreation Project of the San Antonio River and the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration.

The Roosevelt Library has the added advantage of being neighboring to the thriving and unique neighborhoods of King William, Blue Star and Lavaca collectively known as South town, with coffeehouses, galleries, artists’ compounds, hipster dive bars, crafts ateliers, bistros and restaurants.

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Roosevelt High School Comments Off

Roosevelt High School

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Theodore Roosevelt High School is an instructive organization of seven secondary schools (reviews 9-12) found in the Boyle Heights zone of Los Angeles, California named for the 26th president of the United States. Roosevelt is a government funded school in the Los Angeles Unified School District with an enlistment of 5,048 in 2007, making it one of the biggest in the nation, and second biggest behind Belmont High School at the time. Up until the 2008/09 school year, the school took after a year-round schedule. In 2008, the school began to be overseen by the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, which was begun by Los Boyle_HeightsAngeles leader Antonio Villaraigosa. In 2010, the firm organization was part up into seven little schools, each with its own particular vital, CEEB code (utilized by SAT, universities, and so on.), understudies and staff. The results of this have been battered by understudies and directors. Its school hues are red and gold, the mascot is Teddy the Bear, and their game groups are known as the Rough Riders. The school’s maxim is “Don’t wince, don’t foul, hit the line hard!”, which is a Theodore Roosevelt cite. Understudies originate from Boyle Heights, South Central, East Los Angeles, and City Terrace. Roosevelt partakes in the yearly “East L.A. Excellent” against Garfield High School. It is the homecoming amusement for both schools and pulls in more than 20,000 individuals consistently.

Roosevelt was established in 1922, however opened in 1923 in Boyle Heights to the east of the Los Angeles River. Amid World War II the Japanese were evacuated to internment camps. Numerous returned after the war. A Japanese arrangement that had been demolished was restored in 1996 with trusts raised by graduated class and understudies. As the populace developed in the territory, Roosevelt looked for expansion. The R-Building (R for Roosevelt) was the primary building and confronted Fickett Street. The road was abandoned and another organization (A-Building for organization) was built. Numerous new structures were made and added to grounds. The R-building has an intriguing history and unique structural planning. There was a fourth carpet to the building which must be shut because of harm from a flame. The cellar was manufactured with a shooting reach for the Junior ROTC (JROTC), albeit just air rifles may be utilized at this point. Roosevelt was one of the five schools to start the understudy walkouts in 1968, and added to the walkouts in 2006, in dissent to the HR 4437 bill. Roosevelt likewise has been as of late condemned for opening a Planned Parenthood center on grounds. In 2009 the opening of the Felicitas Center served to extend Roosevelt.


The East L.A. Exemplary is the homecoming amusement for Roosevelt High School and Garfield High School, and now Woodrow Wilson High School show up in the diversion versus Roosevelt or Garfield. The exemplary has occurred since a couple of years after the opening of the two schools, except for the Depression and World War II. The excellent brings out graduated class from all parts of the world, normally fielding 20,000 individuals every amusement and has been held at the East Los Angeles College at the Weingart Stadium despite the fact that it has been held at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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